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A: Can I be honest with you about something?
B: No, please lie to me.

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down..: Whheeeeeeeeeeeennnn you stay the night at your ex's house because now that you both have serving jobs, you never see...


and you both bitch about the lack of time you get to spend together.

So you come up with ridiculously desperate excuses to hang out.

And slowly but surely, he seems to care less and less and you’re beginning to care exponentially more.

And he fucks a couple of other people and lets you know,…

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i wonder how many people would actually care if i died, i mean really care, not just be sad because they’re being polite, who would be crushed, who would scream for me to come back, i wonder who would think of me everyday after i was gone. probably no one, but it would be nice if even just one person was truly upset.

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